RF 6

Conceived in 1969, First Flight in 1973

An all-wooden construction, it featured a high aspect-ratio wing echoing his earlier motorglider designs. Fournier set up his own factory at Nitray to manufacture the design, but after only around 40 had been built, the exercise proved financially unviable, and he was forced to close down production.

In the wave of mass produced 4 place aircraft that ran over Europe in those days, Sportavia identified the need for a 3 place or 2+2 aircraft. A sort of a family aircraft that could take Mama, Papa, and 2 „enfant terribles“ on a weekend hop. Financing was persued from the German authorities but was long in coming, and, finally, never came. A very strong DeutschE Mark made for cheap imports and expensive exports: the RF6 had arrived too late and never evolved from the prototype stage.